M Learning Platform

* This is a project protected by NDA, so I can’t disclose the real name of the project, the real name of the client or show compromising pictures.


A major european bank with business worldwide wanted to build a usable, high-fidelity, proof of concept of a mobile e-learning platform for internal use worldwide. The project came via the clients innovation department. The product owner/liaison worked closely with us.

They had but a rough sketch of what they envisioned and a few requirements, one of which that the platform used some gamification concepts to excite the users.

My role

The challenge was to organize and produce with the team, liaison, project manager and developers, everything from ideation to evolve the original concept, strategy, research, organising requirements, wireframing and visual design.


Working closely with the team I had to organize and use several tools in order to gather context, goals, objectives and requirements.

I organised stakeholder interviews and ideation sessions to gather insights. A previous study ordered by the Innovation Labs helped to create and define the personas. I used card sorting to define hierarchies to help build the information architecture and define the concepts of learning modules. Research was conducted on the gamification front, to establish what type of concepts would be more useful.


In the end we had a more complete vision that was worked further via iterations, with useful insight from a group of selected users. Despite the tests on those users not being directed by me, I still managed to do quick tests with fellow workers to improve on the interface.


To make the vision more palpable wireframes where also made through the whole process, to help visualize the concept. After several iterations work started on the high fidelity mockups. All the visuals were worked by me in several iterations with the developer that built the prototype.

visual design
visual design
I created  support material that helped the liaison/product owner to sell the prototype to the stakeholders and it was a success. Despite being “out of my hands” right now, the prototype served it’s purpose and is now being adapted to internal e-learning tools for several branches