M Commerce App

M-Commerce App

* This is a project protected by NDA, so I can’t disclose the real name of the project, the real name of the client or show compromising pictures.


We were asked to create a prototype by a major retail company. They were keen on testing possibilities and needed a fast prototyping cycle. We had been doing Axure web prototypes for them and the opportunity came to do a mobile app prototype in 2 weeks/10 days.

My role

I was basically in charge of building everything. I was given some wireframes made in a hurry to start work immediately… they had no research on them whatsoever. I only had 2 weeks but I decided to scrape them and really start from the beginning with the most solid insights I could gather.


We had access to the product owners and access to their data, so they provided information on the user profiles that they work with. I benchmarked and research about mobile, e-commerce and it’s main problems like conversion at checkout, etc, and reached some quick conclusion to work with. I set a process that I shared with them.

I still needed some more info on the information architecture front, so I picked several of my co-workers to sort me some cards with hierarchies and what they valued the most. I also had some data about purchasing habits and some requirements so I had enough to start work on the wireframes.

Wireframes were first made has early sketches and then vector based. Some interactions of notice were also sketched and documented. The focus were not the visuals so they remained very simple and straightforward. After the visuals were set I still managed to do some prototyping in Invision. All this was iterated with the product owners until a final produce.


In the end we delivered the Invision prototype and a document with a quick resume of the whole process and research. While the prototype didn’t turn in a proper product, it was still a fun exercise to do with a lot of concentration of effort.