Moodboard for Portrayy brand.


Every project must start with research. We have to know who we are working for, know the stakeholders, know the clients values and objectives. One of the things that puzzles me to this day is the amount of clients that can’t answer this simple question: “Why?”. I gather pertinent questions use them on a survey so I can gather the best briefing possible.

User profiles are researched, the business, it’s goals and objectives. Markets are studied and S.W.O.T. analysis made. Requirements are studied and/or created. Research is made on visual culture, branding. Mood boards are drawn. Benchmarks are analysed.Heuristics are written and user testing is done.

Much can be done. I try to apply the best technique or define deliverables the best I can depending on the scope of the project, budget and objectives.

Research for a proposal around the air travel market

Heuristic evaluation

A detail of part of the document that usually accompany a website redesign.

A persona sketch example

product development roadmap

Product development roadmap exercise.

Business model canvas

Ongoing service business model canvas

Brand key

Brand key guide