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Ui & Visual Design

The visual and UI space is a hard and competitive one. There are a lot of competent visual designers and I am but one among many. But what I may lack in Photoshop expertise I have in T Shaped skills and years of experience working as  communication, web and mobile designer. I worked the web and later the mobile space since it’s beginnings. I followed the concept of web standards, web semantics and responsive design from the start. I “programmed” HTML and CSS and that helped me design with structure in mind. The same applies to mobile, knowing how it is structured and applying patterns makes for a more solid and functional visual design.

Experience and knowledge in usability helps cutting on the number of iterations as knowing how to cut and slice that same design. Making a poster, an ad, or a logo is not the same has building an interface and here knowledge counts. I follow the latest trends but given the chance I prefer to work on unique concepts.

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Website redesign for Ucademics

App concept

App concept

Integrated system

Website redesign

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